What people seem to forget about celebrity transformations

More and more we have seen over the last few years, for both actors and actresses, we get to see major transformations of celebrities. By transformations, I mean losing weight and/or putting on a lot of muscle for movie roles in a relatively short period of time.

Usually when you have conversations with someone about something like this, you start hearing common things brought up such as:

“They all have their own personal chef.”

“They have a nanny to take care of the house. They don’t work full time like I do.”

Then you hear a lot of guys say “they take steroids, growth hormone, etc.”

Well, probably all the above are true.

However, even if that celebrity does have a chef and they have access to good tasting and healthier foods, does not mean they still don’t have the temptation that we all do. Temptation to the not so healthy foods on a regular basis, the pizza, beer, donuts, etc. The temptation is still there to eat stuff like that, they are still human.  They still must avoid junk food as often as possible.

Even if some of the male celebrities must take steroids or other performance enhancing substances, they still must work out. They still must go to the gym at least three or four days a week and work hard week after week.  They must be consistent week after week, month after month, to look the way they do in those movie roles, even if they are using steroids.

Many celebrities still have a spouse, kids, and 8-to-10-hour workdays.  They still must block time out of their day to work on their fitness goals just like you do.  Many times, that means waking at 4am or 5am most days of the week.

My point being, although they have a ton of advantages, what you can learn from those celebrity transformations is it still takes consistency week in, week out to make any changes with all the help they have access to.  They still must make some sacrifices just like you do.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?