We help mature adults 45 and over look, move, and feel 10 years younger, without banging up their bodies, even if they’ve already tried other gyms, trainers, and diet programs to no avail

Let’s make your
fitness goals
a reality



… knowing what to do at the gym?
… losing excess body fat, building lean muscle, or getting toned?
… getting stronger and feeling sluggish all the time?
… working around past injuries or, worse yet, getting injured during training?
… keeping up and feeling anxious in fitness classes and bootcamps?
… training consistently and getting sustainable results?
… consistent accountability and support?

MARYVILLE FITNESS is perfect for those that:

… have tried other gyms, trainers, and diet programs and not gotten the results that were promised.
… want to know they’re doing the right exercises AND avoid the wrong exercises for their body.
… have tried all the “shortcuts” and are ready for a , realistic sustainable approach.
… are looking for a way to work around past injuries and take back their quality of life.
… don’t want to stress out and feel silly keeping up in fitness classes and bootcamps.
… want to join a community, not just a gym.

Here is what’s included in your 2 free weeks:

⇒ 1-on-1 Assessment & Goal-Setting Session to Strategize Your Success Plan ($100 value)
⇒ Personal Orientation to Help You Hit the Ground Running with Your Strength & Fat Loss Training ($100 value)
⇒ Up to 4 Small Group Personal Training Sessions with a Fitness Program Designed for YOU and YOUR GOALS ($149 value)