When’s the best time?

When’s the best time to get started with a fitness program?

Well, here are some of the wrong answers I’ve heard:

After the holidays …

When I have more time …

When I’m motivated …

When things go back to normal …

If you find yourself saying any of the above, there’s a good chance you’ll find more reasons to delay once those things happen.

You see, the truth about achieving your fitness goals is that it has nothing to do with timing. It has nothing to do with the circumstances you’re currently facing.

It has everything to do with action.

And what’s the best kind of action to take? Believe it or not, our clients who’ve had the most success are the ones who take imperfect action, and repeat it over and over again.

What’s imperfect action? Here are some examples:

  • Knocking out a few squats and lunges during your lunch break
  • Making an appointment with a friend to do a follow-along workout together before or after work by sharing your screens
  • Hard-boiling some eggs and packing some raw veggies in a ziplock bag so you have a grab-and-go breakfast or snack option
  • Putting some ingredients in a slow-cooker before you leave for work, so dinner is ready when you get home
  • Taking a minute or two to make a Super Shake, so you have a complete meal to combat those mid-afternoon hunger cravings

I get it … many people have seen their health and fitness suffer over the past year.

But if you really want to achieve your fitness goal … and it’s something you’re willing to invest your time and effort in … then understand that only YOU get to decide what happens from here.

Will 2021 be a rerun of 2020 … or will you take control and make it different?

There’s never a perfect time to begin your fitness journey … but the best time to start taking imperfect action is always NOW.

Dustin Pelate

Owner, Maryville Fitness

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