In-Person Personal Training

At Maryville Fitness you can lose weight, and get in the best shape of your life, and start feeling younger without breaking the bank.

Attention busy professionals in the Maryville, IL area: 

If you are looking for a personal trainer without paying personal training prices, there is a better way.

Say goodbye to walking into a packed public gym and fighting for equipment. Say goodbye to trying to deal with a 21-year-old personal trainer too busy admiring his biceps to listen to you and your special concerns. He wants to whip you into shape and make you look like him. But is that what YOU really want?

After all, you have a life outside the gym. You are busy with family and work. You used to be more active and able to eat pretty much anything you wanted. You’ve tried some diets and exercise programs but nothing seems to work for long. You want to feel lean, strong, and powerful and make a great first impression.

The Personal Training Alternative in Maryville, IL

Josh G. did it and so can you. “I have lost 5% of my body weight and inches on body parts. My cardio stamina is higher and body core strength is stronger. I would recommend Dustin as he is encouraging while not being too overpowering.  I needed to be held accountable and guided. He caters to an older crowd.”

You need what Josh got: a custom program but without the high cost of a one-on-one personal trainer two or three times a week.  So the answer is exactly what we specialize in at Maryville Fitness: small group training. This is the best of both worlds, the camaraderie of a class and the individual attention of personal training.

Our current small group training schedule:

maryville fitness small group training schedule personal training

You Will NEVER Get Lost In The Crowd

What never changes is our commitment to excellence by keeping our numbers small. You will always get our undivided attention and a  personalized plan, handcrafted just for you. We don’t run large boot camp style classes where everyone does the same thing at the same time (often badly, because ability levels vary.) Our classes aren’t really classes at all in the usual way, because not everyone does the same things at the same time. Everything is much more personal.

Who am I and how can I help?

I am Dustin Pelate, a certified personal trainer with 10 years of experience in helping people just like you lose fat, add muscle and supercharge their energy.

I have over 8,000 training sessions under my belt, along with a degree in human nutrition research experience in obesity. I continue to refine my skills to stay on the cutting edge of what really works to get my clients the best results. Let me take the guesswork out of getting the results you’re after.

Just ask John S. He says: “Dustin is a great coach and can motivate you to improve your health long term.  He is very personable and creates a workout designed for me. I have recommended him in the past and continue to do so.”