Say Goodbye To Diets That Never Work For Long. Discover How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off.


Sometimes it seems like you’ve tried everything: Weight Watchers, paleo, vegan, low carb, or even keto.
Things go well for the first couple of weeks.

But then something happens, something called “life.” Problems come up at work or home. Things get crazier than usual and somehow that  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream container ends up empty.

So you give up until “things settle down.” You try again a few months later. And the same thing happens again. This cycle can repeat itself for years.

Stop. Just Stop. There is a better way. It’s worked for others and it can work for you. Use common sense. A step by step approach works best. Build and practice many small habits over time.

This is different from the white knuckle will power most diets require of you. As you practice, these turn into habits with very little effort.

When it comes to losing weight or body fat, it’s not just about slogging away in the gym. Nutrition will account for 60 to 80 percent of your results.

For those over 40, nutrition becomes even more important as your metabolism slows down.  

You can’t be serious about making changes to your body if you add exercise but refuse to change anything regarding your eating habits.

At Maryville Fitness, you are given all of the nutrition tools you need to get great success. You will have access to Registered Dietitian approved meal plans that:

  • Suggest what to eat ( while offering healthy substitutions)
  • Advice how much to eat
  • Provide weekly grocery lists and healthy recipes

Want more nutrition help?

If you want more in-depth, customized nutrition and accountability?  You should strongly consider our 8 week Fat Loss Accountability Group (FLAG).